Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Instead of telling people not to drive, fix #publictransit

Yes, public officials should use public transport | BusinessWorld Online: "Lantin, who at one time headed LTFRB, should have known better than to target private motorists, as he noted that public transportation comprised only one out of eight vehicles on the road. For a former LTFRB chief, he seems to have little recollection of the dismal state of public transportation in this country. And that being the case, private motoring is not just a privilege or a choice. It is actually an expensive must, particularly for many in the middle-income bracket who practice professions or run small businesses.

If Lantin wants fewer private cars on the road, then he and his ilk should first fix public transportation -- make them safe, accessible, and affordable, even for people with disabilities. A recent story in the The Atlantic in the US cited a study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute that “the five [US] cities with the highest proportions of households without a vehicle were all among the top five cities in a recent ranking of the quality of public transportation.”"

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