Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Philippines - 3% of population owning cars get use of 97% of roads

BusinessMirror : "He said people who occupy motorized vehicles are a small minority, yet they should occupy the proportionate space in the road.

“The [country’s] population is about 95 million. How many are car owners, about 3 million? Then they should only occupy 3 percent of the roads, while the 97 percent occupies the 97 percent,” he said.

Oposa said there are laws, which the government should have been implementing, to prevent air pollution and there are measures that could effectively address the problem.

The traffic congestion that causes 80 percent of air pollution in Metro Manila, he said, should be addressed and one way is changing the mind-set of the Filipino people about cars.

Cars, he said, is occupied by only one people while a bus can take in 60 people, occupying almost the same space in the road.

Oposa said instead of cars that run on money and make people fat, people should use bicycles that run on fat and save money for the people.

“In using cars, we literally burn money for the use of gas,” he said.

There are a number of things the government can do under the law, he said."

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