Thursday, December 10, 2009

Singapore - millionaire officials ignore the poor and disabled

This is the sad state of affairs in the so called First World & First class society in Singapore today! We have CAN fighting for “subsidy” the word here is “SUBSIDY” and not “FREE” transport concession for the last 10 years, and nobody in authority seem to have heard or notice! Something is very wrong! The poor and the disabled are left to die and no body cares a damn! Otherwise how can the voices of CAN be not heard for 10 long years?
Sad to say it’s the same case regarding the senior citizens’ whole day transport concession issue.This issue have been dragged on for decades! The same old silly excuse that the full paying passengers will be cross subsidising the fares is non-sense!The transport companies are not going to increase the number of trains and buses just to cater for the seniors and the disabled, thus the cost remains the same. So how does the cross subsidy comes into play?
Here we have to argue for the extra $30 for the poor till the cows come home.Fight for the transport concession till the throat is coarse and mouth dry.Whereas there, one $million minister, can just give out $10 million to the new foreigners and free English lessons without betting an eyelid!!
Is this the type of caring society the ministers have been so passionately talking about? Or are we all still in dreamland?? TheOnlineCitizen comment by "dreamer"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thailand cabinet advised to retain free buses and trains

Recently the National Economic and Social Development Board suggested that the measures on free electricity and water should be lifted but those on free public transportation should be extended due to increasing fuel prices. Siam Daily News
Many countries subsidize transport fuels to make sure employees can get to work. In Bangkok, Thailand they have made over 70 bus routes and 300 3rd class train tickets fare-free. This not only helps people get to work, but reduces congestion and pollution at the same time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Makati offers free rides on e-jeepneys

Environment groups and the Makati city government recently launched a fleet of electric jeepneys that provide free public transport and lessen pollution in the financial district.

Also known as e-jeepneys, the vehicles seen in the video below will ply two routes in the city's main business district. GMANews